Our Promise to you

• We will set at least one task per month for you to take part in
• You can take part in as many or as few surveys as you like, but will increase your chance of winning the prize draw each month, the more activities you take part in
• In addition to your survey answers we would love you to tell us what you think via “Your Shout” on your panellist page
• We will share insights from our surveys, and how we have acted on these, via a quarterly newsletter to our panellists, as well as posting interesting or surprising results on theguardiancrowd.com
• You can easily opt out of the Guardian Crowd if you no longer want to take part (See Support and FAQs)


"Then it Rained" by Rory McDonald

Our Promise to you

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The Guardian Crowd is invitation only, but if you’re interested in joining, then please give us a few details and we’ll get back to you when a place becomes available.

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